24.04.2017 – Horizontal Europeanization

Conference of the Research Unit “Horizontal Europeanization” Berlin, November 2-3, 2017

The Research Unit “Horizontal Europeanization” examines processes of European Integration that occur in the interaction between administrations, organizations and individuals. We work in seven highly diverse research fields and together generate more general knowledge on the scale and scope of Horizontal Europeanization. Our team is composed of eleven researchers based in Germany and Austria.

Aim of the Conference

The aim of the conference is to present preliminary findings from the research unit “Horizontal Europeanization” to colleagues working on the sociology of Europe in Germany and abroad, and to discuss our empirical results with them. The conference will have the character of a workshop. It strives to intensify informal relations among the European-sociological research community.

Structure of the Conference

·         The conference language is English.

·         Every project group has 75 minutes available.

30 minutes for presenting the project results. This time slot can also be split, e.g. into project results and presentation of a PhD thesis.

Comments from a discussant. While commenting, this person should also refer to and present their own work.

A discussion of about 30 minutes with all conference participants.

·         The discussants will be briefed in advance with project-relevant publications or a PowerPoint presentation.

·         On the evening of the first day, a panel discussion entitled “What will Europe look like in 2040?” will take place (three or four panelists; seven-minute statements from each).


Jürgen Gerhards & Steffen Mau