SP Z: Central tasks of the research groups

Sub-project Z of the research group "Horizontal Europeanization: Europe as an emerging social entity between the national and global sphere" bundles the organizational and coordination tasks of the research group. This includes the financial management of the research group, the organization and conceptualization of joint events (such as project meetings, conferences, workshops and summer schools), the organization and management of platforms for the exchange of information both within the research group and with external stakeholders, and the organization of joint publication activities (such as special editions, anthologies, etc.). Secondly , sub-project Z also plays a key function for the initiation, moderation and coordination of theory development and theoretical synthesis based on the seven empirical sub-projects. More specifically, this refers to theoretical development in the dimensions mentioned in the framework proposal of this research group (fruitfulness of the distinction between social fields and social space, modes of horizontal Europeanization, tensions and conflicts in the course of the Europeanization of nation-states and societies). Though theory development is a transversal task of the entire research group (and especially of the project leaders), the sub-project plays an important role in the coordination of these theoretical efforts.